Torch Magnetic LED Light

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There are times when we regret not having an LED flashlight at hand. Whether it's to change a tire at night or to work in dark places, an LED flashlight is always useful. Meet SmartCap's Torch LED Light, a new kind of LED light designed to be with you in all your adventures.

Carrying a bright LED light in your truck while you're on the road is always a good idea. That's why SmartCap used its renowned creativity to design one of the most amazing LED lights in the market, the Torch LED Light. Just imagine an ultra-bright and super powerful rechargeable LED light that can be magnetically attached to any place you need it. Isn't that great! Since the whole SmartCap is built from stainless steel, you can attach the Torch Light inside or outside your truck cap at will. Hands down, this is one of the most convenient LED lights you can possibly find!

Powerful rechargeable LED light that delivers an ultra-bright beam

Attaches magnetically to any metal surface, especially useful when using it on trucks with the SmartCap EVO or SmartCap EVOc

The long-lasting battery and high-grade LEDs ensure years of continuous service

As you might expect from SmartCap's components, the Torch Light is made from high-quality, waterproof materials

Convenient and beautiful industrial design that looks amazing even when you're not using it!

Ideal for outdoor adventures, mobile workshops, or emergency kits

3-year warranty against craftsmanship or defective materials


You can either purchase it online and have it shipped to your desired location

Built from premium Stainless Steel and other premium materials to guarantee maximum security and superior rust protection

Universal mount can be magnetically attached to any metal surface

3-year limited warranty

Made by SmartCap, at their 88,000 square feet design and manufacturing facility located in Durban, South Africa

Application & Bed Length

Length, Width, Height (in.)

Assembled Weight (lbs.)
All Full-Size and Mid-Size Trucks SA1101

L - 4.33, W - 0.47, H - 1.57