Tani Camping Packable Fire Griddle

Sale price ₱2,800.00 Regular price ₱3,200.00

This listing is for one 17" diameter Pre-Seasoned Outdoor Cooking Griddle with Removable legs. Makes a great present for a man or a woman. Also, a great addition to even the best camp kitchen. Pre-seasoned Round griddle. This griddle has a surface of 17 inches and stands 9 inches tall when assembled. This cast iron griddle is pre-seasoned and slightly concave for cooking. There are three legs included and threaded to screw into the griddle for easy assembly. This is a rugged and heavy duty unit at 12 lbs. This griddle is easily portable, can be used with multiple cooking options. Use it over an open fire, on a propane or charcoal grill, over hot coals, and on a propane burner. Like most cast iron cook ware it will heat evenly, as well as retain heat for a long period of time, which makes it perfect for keeping food warm. This griddle conducts heat beautifully. It will allow cooking with less oil once cured. There will be no chemicals from Teflon coating. It will last a life time, and will only get better with age! Great for frying bacon, burgers, eggs, pancakes, vegetables, and more. This griddle is pre-seasoned with soybean oil. During use as with most items used to cook the handles will become hot and can cause burns, use hot pads or oven mitts to protect your hands from burns.

Shipping dimension- 20x20x4 inches Shipping Weight 15lbs.