RIVERS Pond Coffee Dripper Holder

Regular price ₱995.00

Deep taste of natural wood adapted to hands. Dripper holder to use in conjunction with a special conical dripper "Cave" series. Ultimately simple form, it corresponds to various mugs and coffee servers. It is compact, takes up less space, and can be easily used with one hand. It is also a point that you can check the amount of water injection while driping by adjusting the position to put on. Material is durable acacia (brown) and smooth hand rub rubber (natural). Please enjoy the unique texture of natural wood and the difference of the expression of the tree. ※ Please use this product in combination with a pound-only dripper "Cave". Can not be used alone. Product name: pound (coffee dripper holder) Ingredients: natural wood (acacia, rubber wood) Size: W: 118 mm × D 66 mm × H: 13.5 mm Production Country: Thailand