RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper

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Luxury where you can enjoy coffee without choosing a place. Micro coffee dripper is a very small coffee dripper. From everyday use to outdoor, you can enjoy authentic coffee in a wide range of scenes. The filter structure has a funnel (funnel) shape that enables stable extraction, and the mesh material is made of stainless steel for long use. And the silicone holder is the best feature that it can compactly be stored in a folding cup or tumbler. Tools necessary for coffee extraction can be carried together in a cup. MCD (micro coffee dripper) can be used with coffee cup of common size as well as River's products (Demita, Bar, Teita). (Since the holder diameter is 8 cm, we recommend the cup inner size of 7.5 cm or less.) Originally MCD developed for outdoor use, there are people who use "everyday!" For ease of use. From entry user to professional, it is a product loved by many people. Product name: Micro coffee Dripper raw material: polypropylene (filter) / stainless steel (mesh) / silicone rubber (holder) Size: W: 81 mm × D: 81 mm × H: 46 mm Heat resistant temperature: 200 ° C Holder) / 140 ℃ (filter) Chilling temperature: -40 ℃ (holder, filter)