Post General Waxed Canvas Rover Chair Type HIGH

Regular price ₱9,500.00

Based on the LAND ROVER CHAIR (commonly known as the Rover Chair), which is a representative British military chair, POSTGENERAL's original Rover Chair is finished with waxed canvas fabric.

The Rover Chair has come to be used outdoors due to its highly functional design and ease of use.
Originally, the Rover Chair was a chair with a high seat, but we arranged it to suit a fun and relaxing space.

A high type with a seat height of 380 mm that is easy to use even in interior scenes.

A lightweight chair with a frame product weight of approximately 2.4 kg.
Easy to carry and can be carried easily with one hand.
It is a specification that can be fixed with an opening tape so that it can be easily transported in a lightly folded state.
Because it is designed to be slim when folded, it can be neatly stored in the car and is very useful in outdoor scenes.

The backrest of the original chair is almost vertical and the seat is high, so it is not very comfortable to sit outdoors.