Post General Saw Horse & Hanger

Regular price ₱5,500.00

New sense gear "Sohorse" that can be used as a hanger rack in the outdoor scene.
You can also use it as a simple desk by placing the top board side by side.
You can enjoy the kitchen layout more like a base by organizing frequently used tools on the cooking workbench or tableside.
Also great as an interior shelf!
In the entrance space or living room, you can store things efficiently and accent the interior!
The square of the special cover has a belt adjustment bag that can be easily attached to his SAWHORSE & HANGER!
By narrowing the depth of SAWHORSE & HANGER, it is possible to attach the fabric shelf with an inclination.
It can be stored smartly while displaying slippers and magazines.
The "POST GENERAL" logo is one point.
With a handle for easy carrying, the fabric shelf can also be used as a special cover.
No tools are required when folding, and it can be stored compactly when not in use.