Post General Rubber Bar Mat

Regular price ₱1,800.00

  • A convenient draining mat for drying dishes such as glasses washed around the sink.
  • Can be used in combination with the separately sold "Mosaic Lid & Tray Long".
  • It can be used to place slippery items such as glasses and bottles that are wet with water droplets, or as a draining board for washing dishes in the camping scene.
  • It is a long size that can effectively use the space in the kitchen.
  • Water droplets on the dishes can be drained by the unevenness of the rubber, and since it is made of rubber, even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with water quickly.
  • There are two colors, black and olive.
  • It is also recommended as an interior green planter mat.

-Keep away from flammable appliances and high temperature items. Doing so may cause fire or deterioration or deformation of the product.
・Do not store for a long time in direct sunlight. It may cause discoloration and deformation.
・There is a peculiar smell of rubber products, but there is no problem with the product.
・The back rubber may crack, but there is no problem with use.
・Do not place objects that exceed 100 degrees, such as hot frying pans.