Post General Industrial Hook Pole Hanger Hook

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These industrial hooks are hand-processed and finished one by one by craftsmen, and the rustic iron texture creates a unique texture.
A pole hanger is a hanger hook that can be hung on tent poles, etc. to hang lanterns, etc.
Since it is fixed by the weight of the item being hung, it may fall off if only the hook is attached. (Suitable for poles with a diameter of 20 to 25 mm.)
Handmade with a tasteful texture.
A special feature is the "MADE FOR POST GENERAL" engraving.
Tri-panels and hang lamps available at our store can also be easily installed.
It is useful for outdoor scenes because it can be easily installed in places where light is needed.
There are 3 types of hooks. When used together, it creates a sense of unity.◎

- The angle may be tilted depending on the thickness of the pole being installed. The supported loads are just a guideline, vary depending on usage conditions, and cannot guarantee safety. note that.
・It may not be possible to install depending on the shape and size of the pole. If the size does not fit, please do not force it.
・If the lantern or lamp is not hung, this product may easily slip off.
・Do not use in stormy weather such as strong winds.
・When using a combustion type lantern, do not leave it unattended.
・If the product is deformed or damaged, please stop using it immediately.
・As this product takes advantage of the texture of a handmade product, there may be uneven markings and size errors. Please note.
- Leaving it wet may cause rust.