Post General Good Vibe Tray Round

Regular price ₱700.00

Our GOOD VIBE TRAY is reminiscent of a vintage money tray. It can be used an accessory tray or a key tray as well as a money tray. The round type has a hole for a hook to be hung on the wall for display. Our GOOD VIBE TRAY represents our wish to create new values for trays.

Reproduces the texture of vintage money trays.
It comes in a variety of sizes that can be used not only as a money tray, but also as a place for small items such as accessories and keys.
ROUND has a hole for a hook and can also be hung and displayed.
The main points are the rustic antique atmosphere and the "POSTGENERAL" engraving.
We wanted to add a new sense of value to the tray as well.

In order to express the vintage texture, there are scratches and uneven coloring throughout. Thank you for your understanding.