Post General Doublewall Flip-Top Bottle 300ml

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The 300ml flip top bottle can be opened easily with one hand and with a single push.
Recommended for desk work, sports, and other situations where you often open the lid.
It has a lock function so that it is safe even if it is knocked over.
As it has a simple design, it can be used by both men and women.
The hammerton painted body has a rugged, men's-like atmosphere.
The bottom has rubber and is non-slip.

- Do not use bleach or wash the main body/lid while it is wet, as this may cause corrosion or poor heat/cold retention. ・Using the product in a dishwasher or dryer, or boiling it may cause malfunctions such as leakage due to deformation, deformation, or corrosion. ・Do not use chlorine bleach, thinners, cleansers, metal scrubbers, chemical cloths, polishing powder, etc. ・This may cause the paint to peel off, scratches, rust, or poor heat or cold insulation. ・Do not wash the outside of the main unit with a hard brush, etc. This may cause scratches or peeling of the print.

Heat retention: 46℃ or higher (6 hours)
Cold retention: 8℃ or lower (6 hours)
Weight: Approx. 237g