Post General Double Wall Bottle 520ml

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and basic, but with a little texture as an accent.
This is a stainless steel bottle for daily use.
The hammerton painted body is characterized by a rugged, men's-like atmosphere.
You can choose according to your life scene.

The 520ml bottle has a body size that can hold a lot but is not too big.
Recommended as a standard bottle.
As it has a simple design, it can be used by both men and women.
The hammerton painted body has a rugged, men's-like atmosphere.
The bottom has rubber and is non-slip.

[Product details]
■Size: Φ7.2cm / H22.5cm
■Capacity: 520ml
■Material: Stainless steel, polypropylene, rubber
■Country of origin: China

〇 As it may cause corrosion or poor heat or cold insulation, Please do not use bleach or wash the main body/lid.
〇 Using a dishwasher, dish dryer, etc., or boiling it may cause malfunctions such as leakage due to deformation, deformation, or corrosion.
〇 Do not use chlorine bleach, thinners, cleansers, metal scrubbers, chemical cloths, polishing powder, etc.
〇 It may cause the paint to peel off, scratches, rust, or poor heat or cold insulation.
〇 Do not wash the outside of the main unit with a hard brush, etc. This may cause scratches or peeling of the print.