ONOE Compact Pizza Oven Set / ONOE Barbecue Range CR-S STAINLESS

Sale price ₱7,500.00 Regular price ₱8,500.00

Pizza oven and grill set

A compact type pizza oven that is used by installing it on the barbecue stove. Although it is compact, it comes with a pizza stone and the finish is different! You can easily enjoy authentic oven cooking outdoors.

A must-have pizza peel is included for putting in and taking out pizza and baking dishes.
With a thermometer on the top of the main unit.
Perfect size for Onoe Seisakusho barbecue stoves 

For other companies' barbecue stoves can be easily installed by using Onoe's separately sold sliding mesh stopper fitting ON-258.

Comes with a dedicated pizza peel so it's easy to take out the pizza. Made of stainless steel, the main body is rust-resistant and durable. Comes with a cooking notebook for easy cooking.


Material: Painting, Iron

Thickness: 0.60 8mm