Nitecore EMR05

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Nitecore EMR05

Compact, Simple Mosquito Repeller

The Nitecore EMR05 edition of the EMR mosquito repeller series is a compact, lightweight tool designed to be outfitted on a backpack and plugged into a power bank. Depending on a USB-C power source, this is the smallest of the series and has a minimal footprint on your weight and space planning on the go.

Fast-Acting Pest Solution

Outdoors, this incredible device will repel mosquitoes in a 16-foot radius in just 10 minutes from activation, a quick and reliable pest solution for your hike and campsite. You will receive 18 hours of protection from mosquitoes via 3 six-hour repellent mats included with the EMR05.

Rugged Construction

Impact resistant to 1.5 meters and with an IPX5 weather rating protecting the device in rain, the EMR05 is also a well-constructed device and is as rugged as the paths you'll forge in the wilderness. This smart construction is extended to the heating device that activates the repellent, with a controlled heating area protecting you from burns.

  • Notable Features
  • » Innovative heating system which activates the repellent mat is insulated for maximum effectiveness while protecting you and your clothes from burns
  • » Protective zone created by repeller will help guard against mosquito-borne illnesses
  • » Each mat functions in 10 minutes and lasts for 6 hours, providing a quick-acting and long-lasting solution to mosquitoes

Protection Zone: 16ft MAX

Heating Temperature: 135°C±5°C / 275°F±9°F MAX
Input: 5V⎓2A
Dimensions: 63.8mm x 52.7mm x 26.8mm
(2.51" x 2.07" x 1.06")
Weight: 39g±5g (1.38 oz±0.1 oz)