Kovea Mini Retro All in One Stove

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KOVEA Mini Retro All in One System (KGG-1805)

1. PC (Poly Carbonate) material lid. With transparent PC material, cooking status can be checked and safe material can be used as a bowl.

2. Bowl stand. A variety of cooking containers can be used with a grill-shaped bowl holder. 3. Ceramic Coating Multiple Pan The latest 5th generation eco-friendly ceramics that are harmless to the human body are applied and non-stick coating that does not stick to food. 4. Compact The hot pot pan and lid are stored in the body, and the pan is prevented from being removed during movement and storage.

5. Water Line It is convenient for cooking by displaying the water (550ml) when one ramen is cooked.

6. Magnetic A safety system that is easy to attach and detach the gas container.


Weight: 1.88kg

Size: 365 x 175 x 356mm (inner box)

Material: Lid (Poly Carbonate) / Non Stick Multiple Pan (Ceramic Coating)

Ignition Method: Automatic

Gas Type: 220g (Liquid Butane Gas)

Gas Consumption: 110g/g