Kovea Alpine Pot Wide, UP, & POT EZ-ECO

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Alpine Pot Wide

The Alpine Pot Wide is designed for mountain climbing, fishing, picnicking and traveling.  The advanced burner head and very fine flame control sets the Alpine Pot Wide apart from the competition, and allows proper cooking of rice, pasta, noodles and eggs. It can also boil water safely and efficiently.  The control knob is retractable for convenience and accessibility. The textile cozy helps to insulate the  the pot and protect hands from the heat. It’s robust construction and excellent build quality will keep it working reliably through years of use.

Alpine Pot Wide UP

NEW Upgrade Version of popular Alpine Pot Wide for small group and family use

Improved large capacity (1.5 litres) Heat Exchange System pot for fuel efficiency and speed

New lid attachment improves safety and convenience

More powerful burner for speed and versatility

Special pot support allows use as a regular stove with your favourite pot

Burner, pot support and medium sized (230g) gas canister all, fit inside the Alpine Pot Wide UP, secured by special lid attachment for compactness and portability.

Trail Weight: 470g  (full weight 535g)

Boils 500ml water in under 3 minutes using 4g of gas

The Alpine Pot Wide Up is large enough to:

  • boil a litre of water in 3.5 minutes
  • cook 2 packets of noodles in one go
  • cook 250g (dry weight) of pasta or rice
  • heat 10 frankfurters
  • boil 6 eggs


The Kovea EZ Eco Stove is a refillable canister-free stove system that allows you to pre charge with whatever canister fuel you happen to have at home. One major advantage of this stove over other canister type systems is that you can use multiple fuel types! Butane is by far the cheapest fuel option (although it doesn't do as well at freezing temperatures). The Kovea EZ Eco lets you leave your disposable canisters at home for recycling while you head out for the weekend. The system carries enough fuel (27g) to boil 500ml 5-6 times on 1 gas fill - that's enough for a typical solo weekend trip or an overnight getaway for 2.