Kiwame Sons Cocopan Metal Cookware 28cm

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"Make" and "Eat" are all in one! A new iron frying pan with no handle that can be used for almighty. The "Kiwami series" produced by the iron frying pan manufacturer "Riverlight" in Chiba Prefecture is famous for its dream-like iron frying pans that are hard to burn, hard to rust, and do not require air frying. Click here for "Goku SONS COCOpan", which is the youngest member of the Goku series, created through a collaboration between Japanese cookware maker COCO (here) and Riverlight. The feature is that it does not have a handle. The iron plate-like design can be stacked for compact storage in different sizes. It is not bulky and is convenient to carry, so it is great for outdoor activities. You can make a wide range of dishes with this one, such as baking, frying, simmering, boiling, and frying. It supports all heat sources other than microwave ovens, such as IH cooking heaters, ovens, and charcoal, as well as gas stoves. For example, you can put it in the oven, fish grill, or if it is small, put it in the toaster and heat it up. And when the food is ready, you can bring it to the table and say, "Let's eat!" It is an iron frying pan that is sure to bring a happy smile to everyone who makes it and eats it. *The handle is sold separately. Due to the special heat treatment applied to the surface, it is resistant to rust and no empty cooking is required. An iron frying pan used by professional chefs. It is resistant to high temperatures and has excellent heat conduction, so it can store heat well and transfer it to the ingredients, so you can make stir-fried dishes crispy and grilled dishes fragrant and delicious. It is popular as a product that can be used for a long time because it is durable and resistant to scratches. However, there may be some people who think that it is "troublesome" or "high threshold". "Goku SONS COCOpan" emphasizes ease of use. Iron frying pans are naturally prone to rust, but by applying a special heat treatment to the surface of the iron nitride layer and iron oxide layer, it is easy to clean while maintaining the goodness of iron frying pans. Since troublesome empty firing is unnecessary, you can use it casually every day.

  • Size: diameter 28 x bottom 18.5 x height 5.5 x bottom thickness 0.2 cm
  • Body weight: 1.07kg
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Material/Material: Iron
  • Surface finish: special heat treatment (iron nitride)
  • Full water volume: 2.4L
  • IH: yes