Cuban Sandwich Maker

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This cooker can easily enjoy the popular Cuban sand. The corrugated plates give your food an exquisite baking experience. An excellent item that is useful as a grill pan that does not have greasy splashes. You can cook 2 pans side by side.

The Cuban Sand became a hot topic of the 2014 American movie "Chef Started Three Star Food Truck" is said that Cuban immigrants have brought to Florida.Simply apply butter to the surface of the baguette, sand roasted pork, ham, cheese, pickles, mustard and bake for a crisp texture.With the Cuban Sand Maker, you can enjoy delicious cuban sandwich whether you are outdoors or at home.It is also a great tool for grilling pans that do not have greasy splashes.

[Features] Delicious meat and fish; Can be used for a wide range of meat, fish, vegetables, etc.Flush excess oil into the grooves to seal in the flavor for a plump and juicy. No need to worry about greasy splashing - The Cuban sand maker with 2 plates is integrated into it, just flip the main unit back to bake both sides. Cannot be used with direct heat or induction cookers. Please use on gas fire.