Rivers Wallmug Shade

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A vacuum stainless steel tumbler developed with the aim of being "the best drinking comfort in the world". Great for iced drinks.

A vacuum stainless steel tumbler aimed at "the best drinking comfort in the world".

■ Make the mouth hole as large as possible and enjoy the aroma of the drink.
Cups with lids have the advantages of making it difficult for drinks to cool, spills, and avoiding dust, but they also make it a little difficult to drink. Therefore, the mouth hole is made as large as possible, and the lid is designed so that it can be drunk naturally as if there was no lid. The result is an ideal lid that you can feel the scent of the drink when you drink it.

■ Vacuum insulation structure enables long-term heat and cold insulation.
Since it has a vacuum insulation structure that can keep a delicious temperature range for a long time, it can keep warm and cool for a long time. This is surprisingly the first thermos-type tumbler for Rivers, which used to be mostly made of plastic.

■ Exquisite lid design that makes it easy to drink even hot drinks
We have devised so that even cat tongues can drink with confidence. The distance from the spout hole to the edge of the lid is 1.5 cm , and it is designed so that the temperature drops by touching the air before the drink touches the mouth.


■ 2WAY specification that can be used like a cup by removing the lid
Because the edge of the cup is unpainted, it feels good and it is recommended to drink directly with the lid removed. Enjoy the crisply chilled beer and draw latte art. Please enjoy various drinks.