Post General Hang Lamp TYPE3

Regular price ₱5,999.00

The third installment of the popular hang lamp series.
It is a novel design with a clip-type dedicated arm that can be used as a desk lamp with a USB rechargeable LED lamp.
The length of the dedicated arm can be adjusted, and the LED lamp part is removable and comes with a hanger so that it can be used alone.
In addition, a magnet is built into the bottom of the lamp body, adding a function that allows for a variety of uses depending on the life scene.
Like the hang lamp rechargeable unit, it can be dimmed with a remote control, and is the highest spec model in the series with upgraded battery capacity and lumens.

High mode (when fully charged) LUMEN: about 200 / continuous lighting: about 4 hours
Middle mode (when fully charged) LUMEN: about 100 / continuous lighting: about 9 hours
Low mode (when fully charged) LUMEN: about 10 / continuous lighting : About 36 hours or more
USB charging time: About 4 hours
Built-in battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery 1800mah
included Remote control: Usable range about 3m / CR2025 battery (test battery included)