Post General Hang Lamp TYPE2

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An LED lamp that can be enjoyed easily even in places without a power source.
Pull the cord to turn the switch ON/OFF.
TYPE2 with a shade that gently spreads the light.
When not in use, the socket, shade, and light bulb can be separated and stored compactly, making it easy to carry.
The polycarbonate LED bulb is a safe specification that will not break even if dropped.
* It will gradually darken according to the continuous lighting time.

the parts of the accessories and assemble them so as not to lose them. ・Assemble correctly according to the procedure before use. ・If it is not installed in the correct position, it may not turn on or may not turn off. ・Do not place near fire. Doing so may cause deformation or damage. ・When turning on/off the power, be sure to pull the string while holding the socket. ・If you do not use the product for a long time, remove the battery and store it. ・Because it is waterproof for everyday use, it cannot be used underwater or in a manner where water is directly poured over it.