Dometic Fridge Stand

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This stand keeps the fridge off the ground for easy access and to protect it from dirt, sand or water. It suits all CoolFreeze and CFX range models and supports up to 80 kg.

Dometic Cool Box Stand The ideal addition to your cool box. Safety and comfort: Protect your back and position your cool box at the height of the grip. The cool box stand can be adjusted to a height of 34 or 44 cm. Thanks to the increased height you can also protect your cool box from moisture, dirt and insects. This together with the optimised "all-round ventilation" ensures more efficient energy consumption and a long service life. The sturdy aluminium frame is covered by foam padding on the contact surface, so that the cool box cannot be scratched and is also non-slip positioned. Unevenness in the base can be compensated by up to 6 cm with an adjustable base. Your faithful travel companion: With only 2 kg weight and compact folded in the included transport bag, the Dometic cool box stand is a faithful companion when camping or on the terrace at home. Fits almost anywhere: The Dometic cool box stand fits perfectly with the Dometic cool boxes of the series ACX, CDF, CF, CFX, CK, RC, RF, TC, TCX, WCI as well as many other models and fridges of different brands. At 80 kg, the Dometic cool box stand has an exceptionally high load capacity that sets it apart from many competitors. Please note that a filled cool box can quickly weigh over 50 kg = no problem for the Dometic cool box stand. Technical details: Load capacity up to 80 kg. 2 adjustable heights: 44 cm (distance from top standing frame as support area: 29 cm). 34 cm (distance from top standing frame as support area: 40 cm). Width 67 cm including hinges. Weight: 2.09 kg. Dimensions when folded in carry bag: approx. 11 x 9 x 65 cm. Aluminium frame with padded contact surface. Adjustable stand (+/- 6 cm). Lockable hinged hinges in all 4 corners to improve stability.