Post General The Ice Era Cold Ice Brick Reusable Ice Pack

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KEEP at -10℃ for 5 hours Cooling agent of subzero type!

Coolant finished in a body color that is compatible with outdoor gear.
The shape is specially designed to efficiently insulate 350ml cans, 500ml cans, and PET bottles, and by fixing them with the attached silicon band, the ice pack and cans are always grounded even in the cooler box, and the cold insulation effect is achieved. It is a design that enhances

It's just the right size to fit in POST GENERAL's COOLER BAG for HD BASKET.
The body of the ice pack is frozen to -10°C or higher, and has a cooling power that can keep -10°C for 5 hours.
Depending on the performance of the cooler box, you can use it with the cold insulation power kept for a longer time.