RIVERS Wallmug Demita

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Pop & stylish "Demita" is a double wall tumbler that can be used as a take-out cup sensation. With just 100 g of lightness plenty of 350 ml capacity. Plenty of multifunction charm. ① Paper sleeve is unnecessary because it has a double structure. Hot drinks are also safe. ② Material that is difficult to crack even if it drops. ③ The choice of drinking mouth 2 WAY LID can also use a straw and can be used widely from small children to women who care about lipstick. ④ Lid can be easily disassembled and kept clean. ⑤ When used in conjunction with "Micro Coffee Dripper (optional: 700 Yen + Tax)", a mobile coffee set that can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at camping and traveling destinations is completed! Product name: Wall Mug Demita Unplugged Ingredients: Polypropylene (Cup, lid) / silicone rubber (lid) Capacity: 350 ml Size: about W: 86 mm × D: 81 mm × H: 122 mm Heat Resistance Temperature: 130 ° C (cup) / 120 ° C (lid) Degree: -40 ° C (cup, lid) Production Country: China * Microwave can not be used.