RIVERS Wallmug Bearl Solid

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THE TAKE OUT CUP Large capacity to drink plenty of 390 m, popular points such as a highly tightly closed lid structure and hollow dual structure can not be spilled over, the material is changed to durable BPA-free polypropylene, a heavy-duty tumbler that does not break even if dropped It was finished. Also, by changing the material, this product can also correspond to a microwave oven. If you warm up the coffee that you have cooled down with a microwave oven, you can enjoy it again with the heat. In summer it is also recommended to have plenty of ice and enjoy a cool drink. It is a double structure so it is difficult to condense, and a big drinking mouth can also use straws ◎ Even for women and children ◎ One of the attractions that makes it easy to make coffee and tea for watering with optional strainer. Please enjoy the pleasantness you want to use everyday. For further details, check thorough commentary blog check !! Product name: Wall Mug Bar Solid Ingredients: polypropylene (cup , Lid) / silicone rubber (lid) Capacity: 400 ml (actual capacity 390 ml) Size: 91 mm width × height 175 mm / weight: about 150 g Heat resistance temperature: 120 ° C Cold temperature: -40 ° C production Country: China