RIVERS Wallmug Bearl

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As a drink tumbler to use everyday, I stick to such detail with its good mouthfeel and sense of size familiar to my hands. A large drinking spot can also use a straw, a cup of double walls is perfect for enjoying hot drinks as well as hot ice, in summer. Somewhat nostalgic color and texture of glass, simple and easy to use design. One of the attractions that makes it easy to make coffee and tea for watering out using an optional strainer. Please enjoy the pleasantness you want to use everyday. * There is also a simple logo-less type. ■ For details of "UNPLUGGED COFFEE" check blog !! http://www.rivers.co.jp/blog/2018/03/14/post-3286/ * Microwave can not be used. Product name: Wall Mug Barre Unplugged Ingredients: AS resin (inner cup, outer cup) / polypropylene (lid, bottom) / silicone rubber (inner cup, lid) Capacity: 400 ml (actual capacity 390 ml) Size: Approximately W: 91 mm × D: 91 mm × H: 177 mm Heat resistant temperature: 90 ° C (cup body) / 150 ° C (lid) Cold temperature: -40 ° C (cup body, lid) Production country: China * Range can not be used.