RIVERS Diner Mug Unplugged

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Diner Mag Burley 's "Unplugged Coffee" version appears. BREW IN THE MOUNTAIN (Make coffee in the mountain) typography design. I aimed for 100 years of mugs to use. It is a heavy-duty mug created by repeatedly talking with Japanese craftsmen repeatedly with the Japanese pottery, with the concept of "ultimately sturdy mug that can not be imitated elsewhere". By baking the porcelain at a higher temperature for a long time, it realized a finish that is difficult to crack and drinks are difficult to transfer color. It is one item with a sense of stability with a heavy weight with a strong response. Product name: Diner Mag Burley unplugged raw material: Porcelain capacity: 300 ml (actual capacity 240 ml) Weight: about 430 g Size: about W: 119 mm × D: 85 mm × H 95 mm Production country: Japan