RIVERS Coffee Press Hoop Mono

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It has been 8 years since Rivers started developing coffee gear products.
The development No. 1 released during the day when there was no sign of a cafe boom like now is "Coffee Press".

Pour the ground beans and hot water into a heat-resistant glass, and after 4 minutes spoon the coffee with a spoon for tasting. The evaluation method of "cupping" beans is almost the same as the flow in a coffee press. In the Nordic countries where the quantity of top quality beans is one of the top in the world, the coffee press has always been the most common way of being fed, so it can be appreciated for its high degree of perfection.

The simplest tool in principle that can bring out the taste of beans.
That is the biggest attraction of the coffee press.

Such a coffee press has evolved further.

From the method of piling up three metal filters so far and turning beans, to one stainless steel monofilter.
This is only a change, but it is not enough to simply use a single filter, but it is difficult to process only in a limited factory, such as the size and density of holes, etc. 3 It took a year.

That is why this filter is the most important part related to the taste of coffee.

So what are the features of this product?

1. Improvement of mouth feel
The fine powder of beans is further suppressed than the conventional filter, and the feel is improved. It is said to be a fine powder of beans, which is said to be finer than water particles, but it can not be removed 100%, but it gives a cleaner mouthfeel than before.

2. The delicious, long and stable.
Because of the complicated shape of the conventional three-sheet filter, it was difficult to remove the oil of beans. Therefore, if the filter is not replaced with a new one on a regular basis, the attached oil may be oxidized and the taste may be lost. The simple new version does not leave oil due to its easy-to-wash structure.

3. Cleaning is easier and operation is improved.
In the 3-sheet filter, it was necessary to remove the screw attached to the plunger and separate all parts for washing, but the new model can be washed without disassembling. If it is this, it will not bother you if you drown at home every morning.
For cafes serving coffee by pressing, there is no doubt that the operation efficiency will be improved.

In addition to the new function, the HOOP MONO (hoop mono) with new graphics and body color.
If you want to have a really good coffee at home, please try it by all means.

Product Name: Coffee Press Hoop Mono
Raw material: Heat-resistant glass (beaker) / ABS resin (holder) /
Stainless steel (plunger, knob, fine powder
Luther) / polypropylene (lid, plunger, Fine powder filter) / methacrylic resin (light weight
Spoon) / silicone (plunger) /
TPE (holder)
Capacity: 720 ml
Size: Width 147 mm × depth 93 mm × height 168 mm
Production Country: China (Holder, Measuring Spoon, Plunger, Fine Filter) / Czech Republic (Beaker)