RIVERS Coffee Press Core-Black

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If you like coffee one thing is an extraction tool you want to have. Recently, the specialty coffee celebrated its name recognition. Coffee beans that have been quality controlled in a single plantation and highly evaluated at the committee have become commonly distributed. "Coffee press" is an indispensable item to enjoy the delicious coffee beans. Because coffee contains umami and sourness (not refreshing to appeal directly to taste, not sourness) to the oil content of beans, the coffee press made of glass and stainless steel is tasty It is possible to extract some oil as it is. "Core" is a little small 350 ml. 2 cups in a cup of coffee, 1 cup in a mug, the size best suited for living alone. Please try the taste brewed in the coffee press. · Pyrex's heat-resistant glass (made in Germany) beaker. Convenient scale for pouring hot water. - It is easy to remove it by pushing out the beaker from the bottom. Since the beaker is covered with a holder, beakers with boiling water do not touch the hand directly and are safe. · No paper filter required. I will not put out extra garbage. · 5 ~ 10 g with measuring spoon. · Also available for tea and tea. Product name: Coffee press core Usage area: Hot water raw material: ABS resin (holder) / heat resistant glass (beaker) / stainless steel (plunger) / polypropylene (lid) / polypropylene (knob) / silicone rubber ) / Methacrylic resin (measuring spoon) Capacity: 350 ml Size: Approximately W: 110 mm × D: 76 mm × H: 155 mm Heat Resistance Temperature: 90 ° C (Resin Portion) Cold Temperature: -40 ° C ) Heat resistant temperature difference: 120 ℃ (heat-resistant glass) Production countries: China (holder, measuring spoon) Germany (beaker) / Taiwan and China (plunger) * Spare parts such as beakers and filters are also on sale.