RIVERS Coffee Dripper Cave Reversible

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Turn over and control the taste of coffee! What? Silicone Cave Reversible is a new idea dripper that can control the taste of coffee and bring it closer to the ideal balance simply by flipping the side. The secret is two kinds of rib structure which are different on the front and back. In the drip extraction, the length and number of ribs affect the taste. A side: Twelve thick and short rib extraction speed becomes gentle and acidity such as beans with strong sour characteristics can be relieved. Please try, such as when you can not brew a shallow roasted coffee well. B side: Twenty-four thin, long and short rib extraction speeds will be slightly faster, changing to a balance in which strong bitterness is alleviated. I recommend it to those who are not good at bitter coffee. Also, since this product is made of silicon, it is also ideal for outdoor use. You can fold and store it in a tumbler and carry it. ※ Please use this product in combination with a cave wood holder "pound" exclusive for cave and dripper stand "Peaks". Also, please use a conical paper filter for extraction. For more specific product explanation of Cave Reversible Product name: Coffee dripper Cave Reversible raw material: Silicone rubber size: width 102 mm × height 85 mm / Weight: about 74 g Heat resistant temperature: 200 ° C Cold temperature: -40 ° C Production country: China