RIVERS Bottle Strainer Long

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Strainer for Stout Air 550/1000.  By using this strainer, you can enjoy a variety of drinks such as standard cold water and cold tea in summer, tea and chai in winter, and the range of use of bottles is greatly expanded.  The main feature is that the mesh goes around to the bottom and the extraction speed is fast.  Even the fine powder of beans and the rest of the tea leaves that are caught on the mesh and are difficult to wash are easy to wash because water can flow from the bottom.  ( Long can be split into two parts, making it easier to wash) Rivers Blog introduces how to enjoy chai with a strainer.   Only available for Stout Air 550 and 1000.  * Cannot be used with the strainer alone. 

Product name: Bottle strainer Long raw material: Polypropylene (strainer, lid) / Nylon (mesh) Size: Approx. W: 46mm x H: 180mm Heat resistance Temperature: 90 ° C (body) / 110 ° C (lid) Cold resistance: -40 ° C (main unit, lid) Producing country: China