Queen Size Self Inflating Mattress

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Queen-Sized Self-Inflating Foam Mattress | 10 cm Thick

  • Has a soft flocked surface for superior comfort
  • Made from foam thus, puncture-resistant
  • Inflates automatically

The Queen-Sized Self-Inflating Mattress is your guarantee of a good night’s sleep after a tiring day at the camp or trail.

The comfy 10 cm thick mattress accommodates up to two sleepers, without feeling cramped at all. It perfectly fits a tent or swag of any size. 

While the top is made from soft flocked rayon material, the base is PVC. You may clean it easily. 

Since the mattress inflates automatically, there is no need to bring a pump. Unstrap and roll it then, open the vents, and you’re ready to sleep in 2 minutes or less. 

The mattress has foam, so it is puncture-resistant. There won’t be any whooshing sounds and bouncing uncontrollably. 

It comes with a packing strap, so carrying or storing it would be easy. 

Top Material: Soft flock rayon

Base Material: PVC

Dimensions: 1.5 m x 1.9 m

Thickness: 10 cm

Weight: 8.5 kg