LED Camping Light with Dimmer and Magnet

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LED Camping Light | With Dimmer and Magnet | 12v

  • With dimmer switches
  • Complete cable component for easy setup
  • Organizer-like carry bag

This LED Camping Light is the most versatile camping light. The 5-bar comes with dimmer and magnet. Each 50 cm LED bar has splitters dimmer switches that you can manipulate to suit your lighting needs.

The camping light kit can light up any area of the camp or even the entire campsite (but with varying degrees of lighting, of course). Each bar can be super bright minus the power requirement. 

Speaking of which, the kit is easy to power as it comes with a plug, battery cables, splitter cables, and extension cable. All these components can make the lightwork setup easier. All these are included in the protective bag that also acts as an organizer.

It has a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) values of between 6,000 and 6,500 K, which means that the LED Camping Light appears ‘cool.’

What the kit includes

  • 5 50 cm magnetic LED bars
  • Five dimmer switches
  • 19 m extension cable
  • Splitter cables 
  • Battery cables
  • 12v cig-plug
  • Velcro strips
  • Carry bag 


CCT Values: 6,000 to 6,500 K (Cool White)

IP Rating: 65

LED Type: SMD 5050

LED Life Expectancy: 35,000 hours

Bar Length: 50 cm