Lander Cairn XL Smart Lantern + Powerbank

Regular price ₱4,995.00

Light up your camp well past sundown with the Lander Cairn XL Smart Lantern. Its a rechargeable, water resistant and dust proof lantern.  It sheds 350 lumens of warm light, charges mobile devices, changes color and connects via Bluetooth® to your phone.


  • Free iOS and Android app that allows you to control the lantern's functions remotely from your phone
  • 350 lumens provide warm, ample light to a large area; changes on a full RGB color spectrum
  • Doubles as a power bank capable of charging your mobile devices up to 4 times via USB
  • The anchor system is a multi-axis, reflective nylon cord that allows you to hang the light wherever you need
  • Proximity sensor allows auto on/off and dimming based on distance from light
  • Sleep timer settings for morning and night
  • IP65 rating means it's water resistant and dustproof
  • Long-lasting 10,000 mAh battery provides up to 250 hrs. of light