Front Runner Expander Camping Chair

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Traveling with chairs has always been a difficult task due to their size. Comfort is always the first to go when challenged with an over packed vehicle.Don’t be left standing - you won’t need much room to bring along the Front Runner Expander Chair.This chair is designed with a new space-saving patent pending technology.This innovative technology allows this full-sized chair to compact to 1/16th its size!The Front Runner Expander is easily stored in limited space because it folds down to the size of a laptop case.Use these chairs for overlanding, tailgating, picnics, outdoor concerts, sporting events, etc.Because the Front Runner Expander is lightweight and compact with a carrying handle, it’s extremely easy to carry from your vehicle to your destination.

The ALL BLACK DESIGN is extremely stylish, matches many vehicle and camping accessories, and stands apart from all other collapsible chairs on the market.

  • Comfortable and extremely portable.
  • Folds in 3 easy steps.
  • Does not sink into sand.
  • Comfortable table height.
  • Constructed of rugged steel.

Intelligent features include:

  • A cup holder.
  • A media pocket for cell phones, gps, or mp3 player.
  • A carry handle.
  • A utility pocket, for books, magazine, maps.A utility pocket, for books, magazine, maps.



A canvas bag that holds one (1) Expander Chair.

  • Zippered access.
  • Two (2) carrier straps to support added weight.
  • Black nylon edging for added ridgidity.
  • Reduces rattle when traveling.


Front Runner Expander Chair Storage Bag with Carrying Strap (Fits 2 Chairs)

  • SPACE SAVING, DURABLE AND EXTREMELY PORTABLE: ​Store TWO (2) Front Runner Expander Chairs. Keep your Expander Chairs in great condition. This dual-carrier bag keeps Front Runner Expander Chairs safe and makes them easy to transport.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 455mm (17.9") L x 46mm (1.8") H x 150mm (5.9") D. Consists of 1 x Canvas carry bag.
  • FEATURES: Zippered access, two (2) carrier straps to support the added weight, black nylon edging for added rigidity. Reduces rattle when traveling.

 FRONT RUNNER Expander Chair Side Table

Upgrade your Front Runner Expander Chair with this foldable table attachment. Perfect for camping, sports events, the beach, and any other outdoor activities. The table attaches to the frame, creating a sturdy and reliable surface on either side of the Expander Chair and is crafted from durable aluminum and high-strength steel that is built to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions.

  • An essential accessory to add to your Front Runner Expander Camping Chair*.
  • Creates a foldable table on either side of the Expander Chair.
  • Secures to the frame of the Expander Chair's seat and hooks on the armrest to place your belongings.
  • Ideal for camping, sports events, the beach, and any other activities.
  • Once secured the table top folds up with the chair and can be stored together in the Expander Chair Storage Bag.
  • Features an integrated cut-out to place a glass/wine glass conveniently next to your chair at an easy-to-reach height.
  • Made from aluminum and high-strength steel and sealed in the same weather-resistant finish as all Front Runner racks.

* The Front Runner Expander Camping Chair is not included and must be purchased separately.