CAVE Pond set-white + natural

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A set version of porcelain coffee dripper "Cave" and a special wooden dripper "pound". ■ Coffee dripper "Cave" A finished Japanese-made dripper like a porcelain coffee dripper art piece baked with glaze kneaded in the soil is baked for a long time at ultra high temperature to compare with ordinary porcelain products It is characterized by difficulty in color transfer. There is no worry of fading because we are kneading glaze in soil. The outer side of the matte finish, you can enjoy aged changes as glossy as you use it like leather. Pour slowly into rich flavor and deep taste, if you drop the hot water quickly, you will have a refreshing taste. Depending on pouring volume and speed, you can enjoy the optimum extraction balance for each bean. Please use a conical paper filter. For 1 to 4 cups ■ Coffee dripper holder "pound" Deep taste of natural wood that fits in hand. Dripper holder used in combination with a special porcelain dripper "Cave". Ultimately simple form, it corresponds to various mugs and coffee servers. It is compact, takes up less space, and can be easily used with one hand. It is also a point that you can check the amount of water injection while driping by adjusting the position to put on. Material is durable acacia (brown) and smooth hand rub rubber (natural). Please enjoy the unique texture of natural wood and the difference of the expression of the tree. Please also visit our blog which explained the features of each item in detail. ※ Color combination is fixed. Please note that you can not change it. ※ "Cave" and "Pound" are also sold separately. Approximately W: 116 mm × D 119 mm × H: 98 mm (cave), approximately W: Cave / Porcelain Size: 118 mm × D 66 mm × H: 13.5 mm (lb) Production countries: Japan (Cave), Thailand (pound)