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True enough Coffee is for everyone. being interested in the art of making coffee we’re back with another bundle. Today is to help you with brewing fresh coffee anywhere. a cup of coffee at home is different in a cup of coffee in the mountains. join us in exploring the other side of coffee. 

The Secret is the the Stout Flask that can transform into a  pour over kettle. Getting a 2 in 1 type of Flask. A 24 hr performance sturdy Vacuum Insulated Flask and also a Pour over kettle


Tools  in the bundle Cave Reversible, Stout air 1000  Stout Flask.

Recommended to get any reusable cup and cold brew strainer as a new option

note: Pls don’t forget to share your coffee ☺️




STOUT AIR, a new essential bottle for the outdoorsman!
With the concept of “flasks that you can use like plastic bottles, “Rivers has sold this reusable bottle for almost a decade.
It is a perennial hit product, with over two million total sold and numerous copycats from other companies around the world.
It has numerous fans, including outdoor enthusiasts, because it offers the features most necessary for outdoor use
— lightness and sturdiness.
We decided to make a bottle even better suited for outdoor use, weeding out anything unnecessary, culminating in the STOUT AIR.
The features of the STOUT AIR
The STOUT AIR comes in three sizes: 400ml, 550ml, and 1,000ml.
As you can tell from the picture at the top, we created different bottles for use in different activities and fields.
Use them for drinks, food, or even as measuring cups or shakers — your imagination is the limit.
The TRITAN used in the bottle is a safe, BPA-free resin that is clear, like glass.
It’s so sturdy it won’t even crack if you drop it on a rocky surface, so it has become essential for outdoors use.

The peak of versatility, satisfying every need
As a flask
The STOUT AIR comes in a great selection of sizes for a lightweight water bottle.
The lid has a silicone strap, so you can hang it from a carabiner, and never have to worry about losing it.
You can also hang it from a daisy chain or tarp pole, saving table space, which is often limited when camping.

The inner lid (splashguard), which comes standard with the STOUT AIR, is extremely handy.
It serves an essential role, making it possible to rehydrate while on the move.

As a miniature water jug
The 1,000ml STOUT AIR can be used as a water jug at campsites,
when water sources are far away, as well as to collect spring water.
Another great feature is that there are volume markings printed on the bottle that can be used to measure water when cooking.

As a coffee server or wine decanter

The STOUT AIR can be used with alcohol, and has a heat resistance rating of 100°C, so it can also be used with hot water.
This means that it can be used as a coffee server when brewing coffee for several people when camping.
* When hot water is placed in the bottle, the bottle will become hot. Touching it with your bare hands could result in burns.
When using the bottle with hot water, handle the bottle with gloves or wrap a towel or washcloth around it.

As a food container

The compact 400ml bottle can be used for carrying coffee beans or food to enjoy on the go, like nuts.
The bottle, updated to outdoor specifications while maintaining its simple structure and look, sturdiness, and light weight,
has even greater potential for use outdoors.
Make this one of the key items of your gear!

– Material: PCT ”TRITAN” (Bottle) / Polypropylene (Lid, Splash guard, Ring) / Silicone rubber (Strap) / Stainless steel (Pin)
– Capacity : 1000ml
– Max Temperature:100°C (Bottle) / 140°C (Lid, Splash guard)
– Min Temperature:-40°C (Bottle, Lid, Splash guard)
– Made In CHINA



Turn over and control the taste of coffee! What? Silicone Cave Reversible is a new idea dripper that can control the taste of coffee and bring it closer to the ideal balance simply by flipping the side. The secret is two kinds of rib structure which are different on the front and back. In the drip extraction, the length and number of ribs affect the taste. A side: Twelve thick and short rib extraction speed becomes gentle and acidity such as beans with strong sour characteristics can be relieved. Please try, such as when you can not brew a shallow roasted coffee well. B side: Twenty-four thin, long and short rib extraction speeds will be slightly faster, changing to a balance in which strong bitterness is alleviated. I recommend it to those who are not good at bitter coffee. Also, since this product is made of silicon, it is also ideal for outdoor use. You can fold and store it in a tumbler and carry it. ※ Please use this product in combination with a cave wood holder "pound" exclusive for cave and dripper stand "Peaks". Also, please use a conical paper filter for extraction. For more specific product explanation of Cave Reversible Product name: Coffee dripper Cave Reversible raw material: Silicone rubber size: width 102 mm × height 85 mm / Weight: about 74 g Heat resistant temperature: 200 ° C Cold temperature: -40 ° C Production country: China



Stout is a tough partner who boasts a sturdy construction

We developed such a simple and tough bottle that can be used without problems even if there are some scratches or dents, assuming it is used outdoors. You can choose from 3 sizes according to your application.

1,000ml is recommended for use as a companion for long-stay outdoor activities such as sea fishing and surfing, or as a share bottle in camping with family and friends. If it ’s a cold night when your body is shaking, you can have a hot hot drink in one hand.

What are the characteristics of Stout?
The strap designed for easy carabiner hanging is connected to the lid and is convenient for drinking. There are two types of drinking holes in the stopper, and the cat tongue is designed to be easy to drink if you drink from a small hole.

Also devised to improve heat retention. In addition to the stainless steel vacuum insulation structure, copper plating is applied to the vacuum part to prevent heat transfer due to radiant heat and improve heat insulation performance.
We have obtained the experimental results of keeping hot water over 1000 ° C in 6 hours at 1000ml size.

Polished simple design. Please use the stout by all means.

Product name: Vacuum Flask Stout 1000
Raw material: Stainless steel (main body, pins) / polypropylene
, Lid, inner plug, ring) / silicone rubber (strap, lid, inner plug)
Capacity: 1000ml
Thermal insulation effect: 80 ℃ or more (6 hours)
Cooling effect: 5 ℃ or less (6 hours)
Size: Width 113mm x Height 270mm x Depth 88mm
Weight: approx. 490g
Country of origin: China