RIVERS Wallmug Sleek

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Rivers Best Selling Cup in Japan. The size feeling and silhouette as well as the feeling that I put drinks in my hands is just a take-out cup. Since it is a double wall, paper sleeve is unnecessary. As it is lightweight and hard to break, it is a portable coffee maker set combined with "Micro Coffee Dripper" that makes you want to take not only everyday use but also outdoor and traveling. ① 350 ml capacity easy to use both hot and ice. ② Since the lid can be placed in the drinking mouth, it can be used with confidence around the desk and the bedside. ③ The same lid as "Wall Mug Bar" is ease of drinking ◎. It is natural that it is hot and cold about "it is good". It is already the worst that setting tents and cooking in bad weather. Climbing mountain while being frightened by a bear. Still it is an original animation that expresses the feelings of humans who love outdoors coming out for some reason in comics. Video check the URL! Product name: Wall Mug Sleek It is good raw material: polypropylene (cup, lid) / silicone rubber (lid) Capacity: 350ml (actual volume 300ml) Approximately W: 91 mm × D: 91 mm × H: 130 mm Heat resistant temperature: 150 ° C Chilling temperature: - 40 ° C Country of origin: China * Microwave can not be used.